Introducing a solution
to managing credit card fees…

CardCharge™ can entirely eliminate costs of  accepting credit cards for merchants of all sizes. CardCharge™ pre-processes each transaction and generates a processing fee for the cardholder.  In turn, merchants pay nothing for processing the payments merchants receive. 100% of the price of the product or service is deposited to the merchant bank account. Merchants Can Bring The Cost To Process Credit Cards to 0%

Different cards have different costs. CardCharge’s exclusive, patent-pending  technology determines in real-time the actual cost to deliver processing based on the specific card your customer uses and customer processing fee. CardCharge™ is excited to offer you the result of the combination of their experience — and they fully anticipate that CardCharge’s platform will shape the next century of payment processing.

Here’s how CardCharge works:

  • Merchants can now process  credit cards for 0.0%
  • 100% of the sale is deposited  the next business day
  • A small fee is charged  to the customer
Don’t like paying higher fees when your  customers use high cost of acceptance credit cards? CardCharge™ lets you customize the processing fee discount in your merchant  settings to pass along some or all of the fees.

Once enrolled, merchants can choose to either pass through credit card fees to the customer, or give discounts and/or rewards for low cost payment methods.